Poker Live Dealer

If you like to gamble, if you always liked going to a casino and hang out in there for hours, if you like poker guide and you always prefer to control and manage the game we have the perfect proposal for you.

Many casinos’ owners started recently to search for new dealers for their casinos; most of the casinos are looking mainly poker dealers. The tests will take place in different gambling clubs across the US and anyone that is at least 21 years old can purpose himself.

They dealers must look respectable and serious; if you want to impress the committee you must dress well and look well, just like in every work interview. You also need to know everything about the gambling industry, from the way the casino is being managed and the different rules through the different games and their exact rules.

Just a few people get the option to be real dealers in the end, it’s a luxurious job, the option to manage a poker table and work in one of the luxurious casinos Vegas has to offer is something not many gets to do.

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