Poker Chip Tricks 101 The Chip Jump

The chip jump is a fairly easy and simple poker chip trick. This trick is best used in combination with other tricks, like shuffling and flipping. The chip jump could be used as a finale or starter for other more complicated poker chip tricks.

The premise of the chip jump is simple: using two stacks of chips, you make the topmost chip of one stack jump onto the top of the other stack. If you are a beginner in doing poker chip tricks, this is a good place to start. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to do the chip jump.

  1. The chip jump could be done with any amount of chips. But since we are only beginning to learn about this trick, it would be best if we use a stack of eight chips. Hold the top half of the stack on the edge of the chips using your thumb, middle, and ring finger.
  2. Lift the top half of the stack as if you are dividing the stack into two.
  3. While separating the stack, fluidly slide what will be the topmost chip of the lower half of the stack such that it hangs halfway. If you are right-handed, slide the chip towards the right. If you are left-handed, slide the chip towards the left.
  4. Quickly push down on the overhanging chip using the chips you are holding. If you do this correctly, the chip should flip towards the top of the other stack. If you do this slowly, the overhanging chip will just slide down the sides of the other stack. Make sure you do the motion quickly and with enough force.

It’s that simple. A good chip jump will look fluid and flawless. After doing the flip jump, you are in a good position to shuffle the chips. Try to read up and learn chip shuffling, so that you could follow up this trick.

A cool thing to do if you know how to shuffle chips is to do it with two colors of chips. Do the chip jump, but make sure that the chip you will jump is the color of the chips you are holding. If you are using eight chips, it will take three shuffles to return them to their original order. After which, you could do the chip jump again.

This poker chip trick may seem really simple, but it is a great addition to other complex tricks like chip shuffling. If you do not get it right away, do not be frustrated. Remember, the key to mastering any poker chip trick is lots and lots of practice.

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