Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Never before in its entire history has Poker been more popular, appreciated or lucrative as it is today. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, both online and in land based tourneys, it is no surprise that there are those who seek to play Poker professionally.

While playing Poker for a living is certainly a notable undertaking, there are several things that one must realize, the sooner the better.

The first is that you will not become a million dollar winning, sought-after Poker celebrity overnight. A good analogy would be professional baseball players. They do not get multi million dollar contracts on a whim; they start from the bottom, playing in the Minor Leagues, or competing in local leagues, in the United States or abroad.

Through hard work and practice, they make it to the Major Leagues, and from there fight to earn playing time and recognition.

The same rules apply to becoming a professional Poker player. You have to begin from the ground up. Start with learning the rules and basic strategies. As you become familiar with the concepts, you can begin by playing with your friends or in casinos.

As time passes by you should learn to improvise and innovate the Poker strategies that you use; that is important. Also keep track of your progress: are you winning more than you are losing? If not, check what you are doing wrong, and remedy it.

If you are winning, and have gained the confidence, begin by joining any local tournaments in your area. Being a newcomer, you should participate in those Poker tourneys with beginners like you. Only when you have the experience should you try and participate in higher level Poker tournaments. These rules also apply to online Poker.

When you do make it to the higher level tournaments, do not rest on your laurels; a professional athlete is always looking for ways to improve his game, and so do pro Poker players. Do not let success get into your head, and do not be happy just to get there. Learn new strategies and concepts, because that is what other players do to stay at the top.

Becoming a professional Poker player entails a lot of hard work, sacrifice and patience. It is something that cannot be accomplished in an instant, and you need to be dedicated to it. While there will be bumps on the road, you will, through sheer determination, succeed.

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